Is Water Backup Covered By Your Maine Homeowners Insurance?

Today’s weather is miserable: gale winds, inches of rain, and flooded streets caused by drains clogged with fallen leaves.

Our clients’ most common claim call on days like this sounds something like this:

“We lost power, and my sump pump didn’t work. Water backed up through the drain in my basement, and flooded it.”


Sadly, Maine homeowners insurance doesn’t cover water backup, unless you purchase extra coverage. The available coverage and cost varies from insurer to insurer, but is commonly about $75 a year for $5,000 in coverage. This coverage is also available for your condominium insurance policy.

Of course, if you have a finished basement, you will want to ask about higher limits of water backup insurance. For a Maine homeowners insurance quote, or more information about home, condominium or renters insurance, contact Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance at 207-799-5541.