5 Reasons NOT to Buy Maine Car Insurance at a Dealer

Some car dealers now offer Maine car insurance at the time of purchase. Dealers like this because it increases their closing rate and their profits.

If you already have insurance, making a snap decision to change when buying a new car at a dealership is probably a bad choice. Here’s why.

What’s the Rush?

The salesperson may create a sense of urgency about insurance. However, there’s no rush. If you have an insurance policy with collision coverage on at least one vehicle, your policy probably automatically covers the new one until you can contact your insurance company or agent. Dealers know this; it’s been that way for decades.

Why Add Pressure?

Car buying is already a stress. Why add more? Most of us don’t make our best decisions under pressure. Moreover, you’re making a big financial commitment and choosing between expensive options on the fly. Don’t let the salesperson force you to make unnecessary snap decisions. That includes insurance.

A “Good Deal” May Not Be

First, many new cars have high-end safety features that help reduce insurance costs. Therefore, some don’t cost any more to insure than the ones they replace. So, if you get a quote at the dealer, and were pleased to see it wasn’t as much as you expected, it may still be more than your current insurance company would charge.

You Can Mess Up Your Other Insurance

Your current policy might have benefits you’ll lose. For instance, a home/auto bundle discount. Or a multi-vehicle discount. Or accident forgiveness, or some other perk. You could lose those if you make a snap decision to insure your new vehicle at the dealer. In conclusion, you might pay more – not less.

You Can End Up With Worse Insurance

First of all, most people don’t know what insurance they have. For example, the liability limits and deductibles on their policy. If they make snap insurance decisions at a dealership, they can end up with inadequate coverage.

In conclusion, if the insurance quote from your dealer is really a better value, that won’t change in a few days. Take your time. Make your insurance decisions on your schedule – not the salesperson’s. Above all, whether you switch insurance or not, you’ll have peace of mind that you made the right choice after a thoughtful decision.

Need An Insurance Quote for a New Car?

Do you live in Southern Maine? Want a quote to insure your new car? Call a Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance agent in South Portland at 207-799-5541. Or, get up to 5 Maine auto insurance quotes in 10 minutes on our website. We offer a choice of Maine’s top insurance companies. We’re independent and committed to you.

3 Tips for Buying Commercial Insurance in Portland ME

If you own a business in Portland, ME, it’s important to protect this asset with commercial insurance. This policy covers liability, theft, and fire, for example. If you just opened a business or need to upgrade an existing commercial insurance policy, the team at Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance has put together this shortlist to help you get started. 

1. Work with a Reputable Agent

Working with a friendly and reputable insurance agent takes the hassle out of buying a new commercial insurance policy. He or she will ask you some questions to get a better understanding of what coverage you need. From here, you will compare quotes and bundle your policies. Read on to learn more about this.

2. Compare Several Quotes

It is recommended to compare three or more quotes during the commercial insurance buying process to find the right one. Go over each in detail with your reputable agent, asking questions for clarification as needed. Policies will differ on price and coverage so be sure to understand what you’re getting and for what price. 

3. Bundle Your Policies

It’s more than likely you already have other insurance policies, such as life, auto, and home insurance. Consider bundling these under one carrier to save on your premiums. Your reputable agent can help you with this. And don’t forget to ask about other discounts that may be available. 

To learn more about purchasing commercial insurance in Portland, ME, contact the team at Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance. Our friendly, reputable agents are available right now to take your call. We can be reached online or by phone.