Happy Retirement, Barbara!

Friday marks the end of an era.

Barbara, who’s worked for Noyes Hall & Allen for the past 13 1/2 years, is retiring. For such a small woman, she made a huge impact in her long insurance career.

Over the years,  she issued 3,000 new policies, reported 5,000 insurance claims, and made  15,000 policy changes for her clients. But  Barbara’s impressive work ethic is not the reason why she was so popular among her clients. Clients don’t care what you know unless they know that you care – and Barbara cared.

Clients paid many unsolicited compliments to Barbara’s service, year after year. This one from a new client sums them up best:

“While on a business trip, I realized I needed to review my policy. I was met by Barbara with courtesy, good cheer, excellent listening skills and efficiency. I care in that order and am really surprised by the excellent customer service from your company. With employees like Barbara, I’ll be with your firm for a long time.”

Noyes Hall & Allen has so many long-term clients because we are fortunate to have experienced professionals who provide great service. Barbara was one of the best.

We wish Barbara a happy, healthy and long retirement. She deserves it!