Does Your Maine Insurance Policy Cover Wind Damage?

The National Weather Service confirmed on Thursday what many Mainers knew Wednesday night: tornadoes touched down in southern Maine, causing widespread damage. Our Maine insurance agents have been busy answering clients’ questions about damage ranging from fallen trees to wind damage – even lightning damage. Their first question, of course: “Does my insurance cover my windstorm damage?”

Whether you have Maine homeowners insurance, auto insurance, or business property insurance, the answer is usually “yes”, subject to the level of property coverage and deductible on your policy.

Windstorm Coverage in Maine
A tornado is just wind – vicious, frightening, powerful, damaging wind whirling in a funnel cloud. Many insurance policies cover wind damage to buildings or vehicles. It doesn’t matter if it’s caused by a gale, nor’easter, tropical storm,  hurricane, microburst or tornado. Some limited policies exclude wind damage – again, it doesn’t matter what kind of storm caused it.

Types of Wind and Storm Deductibles
Every property and auto policy has a deductible. On personal and commercial vehicle  insurance policies, wind is covered if you purchase “other than collision” (sometimes called “comprehensive”) coverage.  This coverage varies by vehicle.

Some property insurance policies have specific deductibles for wind. In Maine, it’s common to see these types of storm deductibles (from least to broadest insurance coverage):

  • “Wind Deductible” – Any wind damage is subject to a flat dollar deductible – usually a higher amount than your normal deductible,  or a percent of the amount of your property insurance.
  • “Named Storm Deductible” – Any damage caused by a storm that the National Hurricane Center has given a name is subject to a special deductible (see “wind deductible” above for some examples). Other wind damage is covered, subject to the regular policy deductible.
  • “Hurricane Deductible” – Any damage caused by a true hurricane is subject to the special deductible. Other wind damage is covered, subject to the regular policy deductible (usually a smaller deductible).

Insurance companies have different criteria for underwriting the peril of wind damage. A Maine independent insurance agency has access to many insurance companies, which gives you the most options.

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