Does Maine Auto Insurance Automatically Cover a New Vehicle?

Many clients purchase a new car on the weekend or after work, when their agents’ office is closed. Is a new car or truck automatically covered by their Maine auto insurance policy?

The answer varies, of course, but most preferred auto insurance companies in Maine do provide some automatic coverage for a new vehicle if you have an existing auto insurance policy.

Most companies that sell insurance through a Maine Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent like Noyes Hall & Allen use policy forms written by Insurance Services Office (ISO). The following infographic outlines the automatic coverage for a newly acquired auto in an ISO Personal Auto Policy.

Does your insurance automatically cover a new car? Infographic
Does your insurance automatically cover your new car or truck?

Several other Maine insurers do not use an ISO Personal Auto Policy. These include Progressive, State Farm, Allstate and GEICO. If you’re insured by one of those companies, you’ll have to call your insurer to find out how they treat new autos.

For example, Progressive’s auto policy appears to match coverage to a vehicle that the new one replaced. If you replaced an old vehicle that didn’t have collision coverage, the new vehicle won’t be covered for collision until you notify Progressive. GEICO’s auto policy appears to have the same restriction. State Farm’s policy doesn’t appear to distinguish between an additional vehicle and one that replaces a vehicle on the policy.

As always, check your own policy or with your own insurer to find out how your policy addresses the issue of automatic coverage on a new vehicle. For answers to these and other insurance questions, contact Noyes Hall & Allen in South Portland Maine. If you’re already a Noyes Hall & Allen client, you can notify us about vehicle changes from our Client Center. We’re independent and committed to you.

Does Maine Homeowners Insurance Cover Stuff Away from Home?


Clients often ask if their homeowners insurance covers their belongings when they’re away from home. Here are 3 recent email inquiries with common scenarios:

  • I have removed some furniture and other items that were at my condo and am storing them at a warehouse.  Is my stuff is covered under my condo insurance, or do I need to insure the stuff through the company that is storing the items?
  • I’ve rented a self-storage unit for some of items that I don’t have room for in the garage. Are these items covered while they’re in storage?
  • I’ll be renting a condo in Florida for the month of March. Are my belongings covered when I’m away from home?

This infographic spells out the coverage found in most Maine homeowners insurance policies. Your coverage may differ, so check with your Maine insurance agency.

Off Premises Homeowners Coverage

In general, your belongings are covered to 100% of your Personal Property (Coverage C) limit on your Maine condominium, renters or homeowners policy. It doesn’t matter where they’re located, anywhere in the world.

The only exception is if they’re at a residence of yours other than the one listed on your policy. Then, it’s only covered to 10% of your Personal Property limit, or $10,000, whichever is LESS. Presumably, the personal property at that residence would be covered by another homeowners, renters or condo policy.

Keep in mind that certain types of property, such as jewelry and silver, have limited coverage on most policies. Talk to your agent about insuring jewelry on a homeowners policy.

If you need insurance in Greater Portland Maine, contact Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance in South Portland at 207-799-5541.We’re independent and committed to you.