Does Maine Homeowners Insurance Cover a Sharknado?


Reader George asks via Twitter:

“Please settle a bar bet: If a #sharknado hits my house in Portland, Maine, would my homeowners insurance policy cover the damage?”

Great question, George. First, keep that bar stool handy; you might need it soon. Of course, we have to make some assumptions before answering that question:

  • You have the most common Maine homeowners insurance form, (commonly called an HO-3).
  • Your Maine homeowners policy doesn’t have a special wind deductible or exclusion.

The short answer is “yes”. While a terrifying sci-fi concept and irresistably campy movie idea, a sharknado is nothing more than a glorified windstorm. And, a standard Maine homeowners policy covers wind damage to your home.

What if the damage is caused by the shark, not the wind?

Wind damage includes anything that’s carried by the wind. Whether it’s a tree limb, storm debris, your neighbor’s deck furniture, or a man-eating shark, if the wind flings it into your house and damages it, it’s covered by your homeowners insurance.

What if a a sharknado destroys my car? Does my Maine auto insurance cover  damage from a sharknado?

If flying sharks damage your car, that’s also covered by your Portland Maine auto insurance – provided you bought “other than collision coverage”.┬áBut, we’re sorry to tell you George, but you won’t be needing your car to get home, and not only because you’ve been drinking.


Only a Maine insurance agent can advise you about your personal coverage and your insurance policy. Policy coverage can differ widely. If you’re looking for a Portland Maine insurance agent who can provide personal advice, including protection from a sharknado, contact a Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance agent at 207-799-5541. Oh, and there’s no such thing as a sharknado. As far as we know.