Three Ways Green Drivers Can Save on Maine Car Insurance

Even Maine’s most environmentally conscious citizens usually own a vehicle. You might own more fuel-efficient or hybrid model, or you may drive fewer miles than average, but in a rural state like Maine, few people can live a car-free lifestyle.

If you own a vehicle, auto liability insurance is mandatory in Maine. But green auto insurance discounts can help you reduce your costs and your carbon footprint at the same time. Here are three ways to save money on insurance by going green.

Drive Less

Recently introduced in Maine, Progressive Snapshot discount offers you up to a 30% discount for driving less, driving more safely, and avoiding driving during those dangerous post-midnight hours. Other insurance companies are following suit.

Some people call this as Pay-as-You-Drive insurance, or PAYD. Organizations like the Better World Club, consumer advocates and public planners have advocated this type of discount. A study by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (,pdf) concludes that “…PAYD changes insurance into a variable cost, so motorists save money when they reduce their mileage. As a result, they tend to drive less.”

While it’s not for everyone, many people who drive only when necessary could rack up significant car insurance savings. Do you qualify for the Snapshot discount? Check our recent blog post, or call your local Maine Progressive Insurance Agent.

Get a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle

Companies like Travelers Insurance offer Maine insurance discounts for electric and hybrid vehicles.  Would you like a Maine Electric or Hybrid car insurance quote? Click on the link to the left or contact Noyes Hall & Allen at 207-799-5541.

Go Paperless

There are two ways to save money on your insurance by going paperless.

  • Paperless policy delivery – The insurance company produces electronic copies of your documents, which you can retrieve on your computer, smartphone or iPad. Paperless insurance discounts pass the savings along in the form of lower rates.
  • Paperless billing (electronic funds transfer, or EFT) – You can save $60 a year on your car insurance by setting up automatic monthly withdrawal of your premiums. Instead of the insurance company mailing you a bill, they take the money from your checking account. This saves paper, time and postage. It also avoids a potentially catastrophic lapse in insurance coverage due to late payments.

By being a green insurance buyer, you do good for the environment AND your budget. For more information about green insurance discounts contact our Greater Portland, Maine insurance agency.    We’re independent and committed to you!