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Portland Maine Renters’ Insurance

You’ve found a great new place to rent: maybe a Munjoy Hill apartment; a West End townhouse; or a loft in the Old Port. You are psyched! You celebrate your new start by having some friends over. They love it! Until one of your guests slips on an ice cube, and whammo! hurts his back. 

A week later, you come home to find your laptop and bike stolen. The next day, you get a letter from your friend’s lawyer. They’re suing you for his medical bills and lost work time while his back heals. Not a good month.

You show the letter and the police report to your landlord figuring, no problems – it’s her building, right? She is truly sympathetic when she says, “sorry, but that’s not my problem.” Then she adds, “You do have renters’ insurance, right?”

Maine Landlords Require Renters Insurance

Most Portland Maine landlords require at least $100,000 of renters liability insurance. Even if it’s not required, renters insurance is a good idea. Cheap, too: renters policies usually cost less than $150 per year.

Renters’ policies protect you three ways:

  • Replace Your Stuff - reimburses you for damage to your belongings from fire, theft, and many other disasters.
  • Lawsuit Protection - defends you against a lawsuit for injuring someone or damaging property – even damaging social media posts.
  • Additional Living Expense - pays for you to stay somewhere while your apartment is not livable following a fire, hurricane, or water damage.

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Whether you rent in Portland, South Portland, Biddeford,  Westbrook or anywhere in Southern Maine, just click on the box to the right for a Maine renters insurance quote or answers to renters’ insurance questions. Or, call Noyes, Hall & Allen Insurance at 207-799-5541. We’re independent and committed to you.

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