Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance Facebook Fall Photo Contest Winners

To celebrate New England’s signature season, our Maine independent insurance agency held a Fall Facebook Photo Contest, which drew 29 beautiful photos. Noyes Hall & Allen’s 350 Facebook fans decided the winner by “liking” their favorites. First prize was a $100 U.S. Savings Bond; second prize was a $50 U.S. Savings Bond; and third prize was $10 cash.

First Place: Denis Hartley

Our contest winner, with an impressive 70 “likes” was Denis Hartley of South Portland. Denis actually had two photos with the same number of votes, so we’ve published both here. The first shows two ducks in a pond amid fall colors. The second features a view from Loon Mountain of foliage and a mountain lake.

two ducks in a fall pond. Photo by Denis Hartley Loon Mountain in fall by Denis Hartley

Second Place – Jessica Lang

The second-highest vote getting photo was taken by Jessica Lang. Jessica lives in New Hampshire, and her winning photo was taken in Penacook, NH. It captures the pure childhood joy of playing in fallen leaves, and features Jessica’s niece. Jessica says “she was trying to throw the leaves over her head, but she just couldn’t do it. She had a blast playing in the park and getting her picture taken.”

Playing in leaves Penacook NH by Jessica Lang

Third Place – Shawna Hall

Third place photographer was Shawna Hall of Durham, Maine. Shawna captured this beautiful foliate scene in Auburn, Maine. To see more of her work, visit Shawna Hall’s web site. Coincidentally, Shawna is a licensed insurance agent – just proving that insurance people can have a creative streak, too!

fall lake scene in Auburn, ME

Thanks again to the photographers who captured and shared such beautiful fall images, and to our Facebook fans who voted for them. We hope you enjoyed the contest as much as we did!

Is Tree Damage Covered by a Maine Homeowners Policy?

Last night’s powerful windstorm has made this the most popular question of the day. Our clients seem to be most concerned with three questions:

Is Wind Damage to Trees Covered?

Generally, no. Most Maine homeowners insurance policies do not cover replacement of the trees themselves. Trees are usually covered (up to $500 per tree) for other named perils such as vehicle damage, fire, theft, and vandalism – but not wind.

Electric meter ripped from house by wind
Electric meter pulled from house by falling limbs

Is Tree Removal Covered?

Your  homeowners policy does cover the removal cost of a fallen tree if it damages a covered strucure (such as your house), subject to a limit (often $500 per tree, $1,000 per incident). Your policy may have coverage for tree removal if it does not damage your property, but blocks your driveway. Very few policies cover tree removal if no structure is damaged, and your driveway is not blocked. Contact your agent to find out how your policy responds.

Am I Covered if My Neighbor’s Tree Falls on My Property?

If your property is damaged, Maine homeowners policies cover you the same whether the tree was yours or your neighbor’s. Usually, there is no legal liability for damage to others from trees that showed no prior signs of being unhealthy.  If the tree was known to be dead, the property owner might be deemed negligent and liable for damages. In that case, the personal liability insurance section of your homeowners or Maine umbrella liability insurance policy may respond. For more information about this, see our July 23 blog post: Does Your Maine Insurance Policy Cover Wind Damage?

For answers to your property insurance questions, contact Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance at 207-799-5541.