Should I Bundle My Car & Home Insurance Together?


Many people buy insurance one policy at a time, as the need arises. It makes sense: you buy a car, then rent an apartment, then buy a condo or home, and maybe a boat or other toy later. Maybe you bought one online, another over the phone, and the third from an agent.

It’s easy to keep the policies you’ve always had. But smart insurance buyers know that it makes sense to combine their insurance with one company (some people call it “bundling insurance”). And, the smartest ones know to use a Maine Trusted Choice independent insurance agent.

10 Reasons Why Smart People Combine Home and Auto Insurance

1) Saves Time – Who wants to figure out which company insures what, make 3 different phone calls,  remember multiple passwords, or enter duplicate info online, when they can do it once?

2) Higher liability protection- Most insurers will only provide their highest liability protection (personal umbrella insurance) if they insure at least your home & auto.

4) Less Likely to Miss Something Important – Let’s say you move; you might remember to change your home insurance, but forget to change the address on your auto or boat policy. Next thing you know, your other policy is canceled because you didn’t get a bill.

 5) Big Love (or at least respect) from the Insurance Company – All businesses value you more when you do more business with them. In the insurance world, that can come in handy if you ever need a favor (e.g. you missed a payment while you were on vacation, or need to insure something unusual).

 6) Your Agent Knows You Better – The more your agent knows you, the better advice they can provide, and the more effectively they can advocate for you. Wait, you DID buy insurance from a human – not a reptile or a computer – didn’t you?

7) Save Money – Most insurers save their best pricing for customers with more than one policy. If you’re only buying one policy from them, you can do better.

8) Easier to Insure the Risky Stuff – Insurers aren’t lining up to sell you fire insurance for your remote getaway camp. But, if it’s just another part of your portfolio of coverage with that company, they’re much more likely to accommodate you.

9) Better Coverage – Some insurers offer special coverage forms only available to clients who “bundle” auto & home insurance.

10) Perks – One example: Hanover Insurance’s Platinum Experience (link to .pdf) is only available to package customers. It features perks like home inventory tools, exclusive claim contacts, and auto repair diagnostics and estimates.

Our Greater Portland Maine  insurance agency has helped clients manage their risk for more than 80 years. For a no-obligation consultation and review of your insurance, contact a Noyes Hall & Allen agent. Because we represent many insurance companies, we can help you find the best fit for your individual situation. We’re independent, and committed to you.