Cheap Maine Auto Insurance – and Why You Shouldn’t Buy It

A lot of car insurance ads talk about how much money you can save in 15 minutes – or less. It’s true: you can almost always find auto insurance that costs less than what you pay now.

How to Find Cheap Maine Auto Insurance


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Insurance Isn’t Peanut Butter or a Pair of Jeans

We’ve all had buyer’s regret. You buy something you didn’t like, or that didn’t fit the way you hoped. Maybe you returned it to the store; maybe you used it until it was gone, or threw it away and never bought that kind again.

Insurance is different.

You can regret your insurance choice, too. The web site doesn’t have the answer you need; you’ve misplaced your policy number, and can’t get through the insurance company’s phone menu; the coverage you bought on the phone or their web site wasn’t what you thought it was; there’s no one local to help you.

You don’t use insurance until long after you buy it – sometimes years later. If you make a bad choice, the mistake can cost a lot more than a jar of peanut butter. And you can’t return it for a refund.

Don’t Do it Yourself – Consult an Agent

Use the internet to research and educate yourself about insurance and the expected costs. But do yourself a favor: consult an agent before you buy. Buying through an agent costs no more. And, their advice and advocacy can save you hundreds.

If you live in Southern Maine and are looking for insurance advice, contact a Noyes Hall & Allen agent at 207-799-5541. We represent many of best car insurance companies in Maine, so we can help you find the best value and fit for your situation. We’re independent and committed to you.

Does Driving for Uber Affect Maine Auto Insurance?


Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) have quickly become part of the landscape in American urban and vacation areas. Portland, Maine got its first Uber service in 2014. Almost immediately, people questioned whether Maine insurance companies exclude coverage for Uber.

The Maine State Legislature regulated TNC insurance by passing LD 1379, “An Act To Establish Transportation Network Company Insurance”, effective June 03, 2015. Key features of the law specify:

  • How much liability insurance TNC drivers must have while logged into the network and not carrying passengers (matching Maine state minimum auto liability insurance limits of $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident for bodily injury/$25,000 property damage).
  • How much liability insurance they must have while carrying passengers ($1,000,000 bodily injury and property damage).
  • That personal auto insurance companies are NOT required to cover TNC drivers while they are logged into the network.

BEFORE You Sign up to Drive for Uber, ASK:

  • Does the TNC provide insurance for you while you’re logged in to the network? If so, at what limits? Do those limits change when you pick up passengers?
  • Does your personal auto insurance cover you when you’re logged in to the network? Ask your agent.
  • Does your auto loan or lease allow you to transport passengers or goods for hire? Many vehicle finance agreements prohibit it. If you do, the bank could consider you in default even if your payments are up-to-date. Read your loan or lease agreement, or ask your lender.

Uber insurance in Maine - quote from Eric Cioppa

Our Advice

Most insurers EXCLUDE coverage any time you’re logged into a TNC network, whether or not you have a passenger. For answers to your insurance questions, call your insurance agent.