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Maine Home Insurance

Maine Home Insurance


Greater Portland Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Portland Maine and surrounding towns such as South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough and Falmouth is a hot real estate market.

Your Maine home is one of your biggest — and historically, best — investments. It’s the American dream. It's also the source of constant questions and worries about maintenance, security, homeowners liability and property damage. 

Home Buyers' Common Insurance Questions

  • I’m under contract to buy a home in Maine, and the bank wants proof of “hazard insurance”.
  • Who has more affordable home insurance rates: Portland, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough or Falmouth?
  • Does Maine home insurance cover ice backup? How about water damage from a burst pipe?
  • Can I get homeowners insurance if my kids have a trampoline?
  • Does a wood stove affect my Maine home insurance policy?
  • How does escrow of insurance premiums work?
  • What breed of dog should I NOT get if I want to keep my homeowners insurance?
  • Are there any insurance discounts for updating the roof, electrical or other systems of my home?
  • Is condo insurance different than homeowners insurance?
  • Will my Maine home insurance policy cover me for an assessment by my neighborhood or condo association?
  • Would I be able to replace my home after a disaster?
  • What if my boyfriend/girlfriend and I want to buy a house together?
  • How much homeowners insurance should I buy?

Homeowners Insurance Quotes - in Minutes

While we can’t answer all your home ownership questions, we can take care of some of your biggest worries about it. We can also help you to determine how much homeowners insurance you need to protect your investment.

You can get up to 5 insurance quotes in 10 minutes using the "quote" button above. Or contact a Noyes, Hall & Allen Insurance agent at 207-799-5541.

At Noyes, Hall & Allen, we’re independent and committed to you.


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