Will Maine see a hurricane this year?

June 1 is the traditional beginning of the Atlantic tropical storm season. The National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center doesn’t openly issue long range seasonal forecasts, but that doesn’t stop other organizations, from Accuweather (which predicts 10 named Atlantic storms) to the Farmers’ Almanac (9) from doing so.

  • In the event of a hurricane watch/warning or tropical storm watch/warning, new coverage cannot be bound, nor coverage added or increased for existing policies providing property, inland marine or auto physical damage coverage.
  • Policies quoted and bound prior to the issuance of a watch or warning will be honored if coverage was scheduled to take effect during the watch/warning period.

Wind damage and flooding are the most common types of damage caused by tropical storms. Wind is covered by most standard policies, but flood is not. Flood insurance is a government program, sold by virtually any insurance agency,

including us

. The flood insurance program has a 30 day waiting period from the receipt of an application until coverage begins.

Although hurricanes hit New England much less often than southern coastal areas, we are not immune. Maine has been struck by 5 named storm, including 1991’s Bob.

Bottom line: the time to evaluate your insurance coverage is before a storm hits. Be assured that if a disaster does hit our area, Noyes Hall & Allen and the companies we represent are ready to respond quickly, professionally and effectively.