Go Green – Save Green on Insurance!

It seems “green is the new black”. Motivated by the economy, environment, or popular culture, many of us are looking for ways to reduce waste and excess consumption.
Whether you’re trying to reduce your impact on the environment or your expenses, even your insurance choices can make a difference.

Now Save Money by Going Green!
Progressive Insurance just announced a 5% discount for the thousands of Maine policy holders who already receive their policies and bills electronically.

Of course, insurance is primarily about protecting assets. But there are ways you can protect the environment without sacrificing your own protection.

Greening Up Your Insurance:

Pay your bills by automatic withdrawal from your bank account (sometimes called electronic funds transfer or EFT). Most insurance companies now offer EFT. This saves you time, gas and postage, not to mention making sure you don’t miss any bills or payments. Even better, it helps the enviroment by eliminating paper and the energy required to print and deliver it.

Paperless Policy Distribution. Some insurance companies will email your policy to you instead of mailing it. This saves ink, paper, postage, and storage costs for both you and the insurance

company. How often do you really need to look at your policy anyway? Just print your insurance cards, and save the rest on your computer. Some insurance companies even share their savings by offering a discount for those who choose a paperless option. Progressive Insurance even planted over a quarter million trees last year – one tree for every customer who goes paperless!

Choose an agency that “works green”. Modern technology offers many ways to work in an environmentally friendly way. Can your agent email documents and handle financial transactions electronically? Do they use digital storage where available, printing items only when necessary? What organizations, events and charities do they support in the community?

Communicate with your agent via email. Email is a great way to share insurance information. It allows you to review correspondence, quotes and documents at your pace and convenience. As a bonus, it’s all archived. It also reduces mail time and costs. And you can save paper by choosing what you want to print – or not.

You don’t have to sacrifice top-notch local service or solid protection to make green choices. If you would like to try some of these earth-friendly insurance tactics, call Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance today!