Maine Coastal Home Owners Have Insurance Options

Mainers who own homes near the coast – even as far as a mile from the shore – are having a harder time finding homeowners insurance. ┬áDespite a quiet Atlantic hurricane season so far this year, Insurers are acting on more dire long-term hurricane predictions and historically poor loss history on the East Coast.

Most insurers are reducing their appetite for insuring coastal homes. Some are refusing to insure homes within a mile of the coast, even for customers they’ve insured for years with prior homes. Those companies that do insure coastal property may require higher deductibles or charge higher rates than in prior years.

At Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance, we’re fortunate to represent many insurers, and have access to many more. We still have preferred options available for coastal homes if it’s your primary home. If your homeowners insurance premium or deductible increase has gotten your attention, or if you’re buying a new home near the coast and finding insurance problems, call us at 207-799-5541 or find live support on our web site .

Secondary and seasonal homes on the coast are more difficult to insure. We recommend that you contact the insurer of your primary residence to see what options they might have available for your vacation home. Otherwise, your insurance options will likely be limited. The pricing and coverage terms will probably be less than desirable.