Don’t Fall into an Accident this Autumn

The leaves are turning, and many of us have begrudgingly turned up the thermostat for the first time since April or May. Every Fall, our Maine insurance agency sees an increase in car accidents. Many of those are caused by the angle of the early morning and late afternoon sun, which coincide with commuting hours this time of year. 

Avoid “Driving Blind” by:
  • Slowing down and increasing your following distance; 
  • Wearing polarized sunglasses to reduce glare;
  • Keeping your windshield and wiper blades clean, and your washer fluid full;
  • Lowering your visor to help block reflected light;
  • Keeping your headlights on to make your vehicle more visible to others;
  • Taking an alternate route or delaying your trip to avoid driving into the sun;
  • Looking carefully for pedestrians and bicyclists in the roadway.

Keep in mind that other drivers may not see you when the sun’s angle is low. Be extra careful when pulling out of side streets or taking off from a stop sign. Drive safely!

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