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Is Mold Covered by Maine Homeowners Insurance?

January 11th, 2011     Noyes Hall & Allen

Lately, it seems a lot of our clients have discovered mold damage in their homes. Mold is nasty: it’s hazardous to health, expensive and difficult to eradicate, ugly, and may remain undetected for a long time. Moreover,  Maine Homeowners Insurance policies provide very little protection against mold damage.

The standard homeowners policy excludes damage from mold, fungus and wet rot. Then, it gives back a small amount of coverage – usually $10,000 – for mold damage in certain limited cases. Other than those cases, you shouldn’t expect much help from your home insurer. And, we know of no other insurance source either.


Determining how an insurance policy responds – or doesn’t –  to mold is tricky, even for experienced local insurance agents. If you discover mold damage, contact your local Maine insurance agency to discuss it. They can help you report an insurance claim to your insurer.

For answers to questions about your home, condo, or Maine business property, contact your agent at Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance at 207-799-5541.

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*This outline is for discussion purposes only, and is not meant to imply or deny coverage. Refer to your policy for actual coverage wording.


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