We Fix $9.00 Haircuts

There’s an old story about a hair stylist who ran a successful business by providing consistent service at a fair price. His business grew, and his customers returned year after year. His shop was a fixture in the community.

One day, a discount chain hair salon opened across the street. They put up a big banner in their window: $9.00 HAIRCUTS!

Soon, the stylist noticed that he wasn’t as busy. His phone didn’t ring as much, and walk-in business was down. He saw some of his customers walking into the discount shop across the street. He wondered how anyone could possibly make a living cutting hair for $9.00, and he felt disappointed that his customers were wooed so readily by a low price.

Then, one day it occurred to him. He went to the local sign maker and had his own banner made. He proudly hung it up in his own front window.

It read:

Think about that the next time you’re shopping for a product or a service. There’s a difference between a low price and a good value. If you understand that difference, maybe you should talk to Noyes Hall & Allen about your insurance.