“Wanna go for a Ride”?

This is not new, but it’s still cool. A little over a year ago, Progressive began to include pet injury coverage in their auto policies. If you buy collision coverage from Progressive, they include up to $500.00 of veterinary bill coverage in case your pet is injured in an accident. There’s no charge for this coverage, and you don’t get a discount if you don’t “drive with dogs”. We’re not aware of any other company that does this.

Progressive’s web site also includes some useful safety tips for driving with pets, ranging from the no-brainer (“never leave a pet unattended in a car”) to the easy-to-forget (“make sure that your pet has identification”) to the buzz-killing (“don’t let your pets ride with their heads out the window”).
This is different from “pet insurance”, which is offered by companies like Embrace and Pets Best Insurance. Those are essentially health insurance policies for animals – much broader – and more expensive coverage.
If you’re an animal lover who takes your pet in the car with you, it may be worth getting a Progressive quote. If you’re in southern Maine, our agency would be happy to help you evaluate if this is a good option for you. Wanna go for a ride?