Slips and Falls Can Be Costly. Protect Your Friends – and Yourself!

Maybe it’s all the rain and snow we’ve had this year. Maybe it’s the economy . Maybe it’s the increase in ads for plaintiff attorneys. Whatever the cause, it seems we’ve seen an increase in slip-and-fall liability claims lately.

Our agency would normally see one or two slip-and-fall accidents in a 6-month period. This year, we’ve seen almost that many every month. On stairs and in parking lots, in retail stores and private homes, southern Mainers seem to be having trouble keeping their balance.

It’s possible that today’s higher unemployment rates have left fewer people with medical insurance available to pay for their emergency room visits and doctors’ treatments. With last winter’s heavy snow and this spring’s constant rain, surfaces have been especially slippery. Combine those factors with the power of suggestive advertising by plaintiff attorneys telling the public that “someone has GOT to pay”, and it may be logical that we have seen more slip-and-fall claims.

What can you do to protect your guests, yourself and your assets?

  • Maintain your property
  • Carry adequate liability insurance limits: equal to your net worth, or $500,000 for individuals and $1,000,000 for businesses – whichever is higher.
  • Report any injuries or incidents to your insurance agent.

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