Should You Insure Your Maine Middle Schooler’s Laptop?

As another school year begins, our clients who are parents of middle school students are asking us about insuring the laptop computers issued through the Maine Learning Technology Initiative. As a Maine insurance agency, Our understanding is that the State does not have a “blanket” insurance program; however, many school departments appear to offer separate insurance coverage.

Apple laptop In general, we recommend that our clients buy the coverage through their child’s school. Here’s why:

  • School property – The laptop belongs to the school, not the student. Therefore, it’s not considered owned personal property as defined by a homeowners policy.
  • Lower Deductible – The standard homeowners insurance deductible is $500.00. Most school programs feature a $50.00 deductible.
  • Broader coverage – Most homeowners policies don’t cover such perils as dropping the computer, closing it in a locker, etc. The school contracts we’ve seen cover most damage, unless it’s intentional and willful.

Each school insurance program has restrictions; for example, some prohibit taking the computer out of Maine. Be sure to read yours before choosing how best to protect your child’s computer. For more information, contact us at Noyes Hall & Allen at 799-5541.