More Heating Assistance Winners!

Just as January brought sub-zero temperatures and higher oil prices to Southern Maine. 14 Noyes Hall & Allen clients were among the winners in the this month’s drawing of Concord Group’s A Warm Hand heat lottery. Combined with December’s drawing, Noyes Hall & Allen clients have received $2,600 worth of oil, gas or other heating fuel assistance, courtesy of Concord Group.

We know that many people struggle with paying winter heating bills. We have seen cases where using space heaters, wood stoves and other alternate heating methods have caused fires. We hope that this fuel assistance program will help to reduce these fires.

More good news! It’s not too late to sign up! Concord will draw more names on the 15th of February and March. If your homeowners policy was provided by Concord Group on October 31, you’re eligible. Sign up today!

Good luck!