Maine Insurance Dept.: ME Car Insurance Rates Remain Low

Maine drivers pay some of the best auto insurance rates in the U.S., according to this press release from the Maine Insurance Department. While the individual rankings seem to differ from study to study, it’s clear that Maine’s car insurance and motorcycle insurance rates are in the bottom 20%.

Why Are Maine Auto Insurance Rates Low?

A lot of factors go into the rates each of us pays for car insurance or motorcycle insurance. Your location, driving record, the type of vehicle you drive, your age and gender – even your credit score – all play a part. So, it’s impossible to generalize. But, based upon our experience as a Greater Portland Maine independent insurance agency, we have a theory why Mainers pay lower auto insurance rates. We think it has a lot to do with Maine’s culture of responsible behavior. Mainers are less litigious, and more likely to buy insurance themselves, than other Americans. That helps keep insurance rates low for all of us.

How Do Your Maine Auto Insurance Rates Compare?

Insurance companies change their rates and underwriting rules constantly. The only way to tell if you’re paying a good auto insurance rate or motorcycle insurance rate is to compare. Fortunately, we are an independent agency representing many different auto insurance companies. We also represent Progressive and Dairyland, some of the top motorcycle insurers in Maine. We do the shopping for you, and can present multiple quotes at one time. If you want to do your own research first, you can even get Maine car insurance quotes from 5 different companies at once on our web site. There’s no pressure or obligation to buy (although we’re always ready to answer any questions).

If you live in Greater Portland or elsewhere in Southern Maine and have insurance questions, contact Noyes Hall & Allen at 207.799.5541. An experienced local insurance agent is ready to provide personal service.