Insuring a Maine Condo Rented to Others


Do you need to insure a condominium in Maine that you rent out as income property? Insuring condos can be complicated. Your condo association has a master insurance policy. You have a unit owners insurance policy. Your tenant should have renters insurance. Which policy pays if your unit suffers water damage, fire, or other covered loss?

What’s Insured by the Condo Association Master Policy?

The master policy will cover building portions as prescribed by the bylaws that govern the association. Some associations insure the entire building complex (known as “all in” in insurance jargon). Others require a unit owner to insure the interior of their unit, everything inside the studs. Still others only require the unit owner to insure improvements and betterments made to the condo after it was built. Check your association bylaws and insurance policy to see which applies to you.

What’s Insured by Your Unit Owners Policy?

Your policy will cover items not covered by the association’s master policy. This might include improvements to the unit or the association deductible. Condo bylaws can vary greatly. It’s important to consult a Maine insurance agent who knows how to insure condominiums. They should understand your bylaws and your association’s insurance policy to help you buy proper coverage.

Many insurers issue condominium unit owners policies for rented condos. Others may use a Dwelling Fire insurance form, with customizing endorsements. As long as they are tailored to your situation, either should provide acceptable coverage.

Make sure that the owner of your condo unit is listed on your policy. If you set up a trust, LLC or other entity, if they’re not listed, they’re not covered. This is especially important in case of a liability claim involving your condo unit.

What’s Insured by Your Tenant’s Renters Insurance?

Your tenant’s renters insurance policy covers their “stuff”, such as furniture, clothing, and computers. Your policy will NOT pay for this damage. Neither will the association policy. Save yourself from conflict; require your tenants to buy renter’s insurance.

Questions About Condominium Insurance?

Insuring a Maine condominium can be complicated. Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance serves dozens of Southern Maine condominium associations from two-unit conversions to 100+ unit complexes. If you have questions about condo insurance, contact a Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance agent at 207-799-5541

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