Home Insurance and Swimming Pools: What You Need to Know

Spring is almost here, and as the ground begins to thaw, you may be thinking about having an in-ground pool or above-ground pool built in your backyard. If you are planning on having a pool installed, it can affect your homeowner’s insurance policy. Here at Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance, serving the greater Portland, ME area, we want you to know how and why pools affect your homeowner’s insurance policy. Here is what you need to know.

When to Notify Your Home Insurance

Many people prefer to talk to their home insurance company before they sign a contract to have a pool built. This allows them to budget for  any increases to their policy, and learn if the company requires any safety features. You aren’t obligated to let your home insurance company know about the pool until it is fully constructed.

Why You Need to Notify Your Home Insurance

There are many reasons why you need to notify your home insurance about your new pool. A new pool increases the value of your property and may create issues that home insurance would need to cover. It can be a safety hazard for visitors and neighbors. As such, your home insurance company may need to adjust your policy.

What Changes Need to Be Made to Your Home Insurance

The insurance company may require certain changes to your policy. Regardless, you may want to increase your liability insurance coverage, or add a personal umbrella policy. This helps to protect you in case someone injures themselves or drowns in your pool.

If you are looking to have a pool installed in the greater Portland, ME area, you may be looking to change your homeowner’s insurance policy too. When you are in the market for a new policy, contact a Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance agent. Call us at 207-799-5541, or compare Maine home insurance quotes online today. We represent several home insurance companies so we can help you find the best value. We’re independent and committed to you.