EVERY Property is in a “Flood Zone”

Many people fail to purchase flood insurance when they buy a property. Some believe that their Maine homeowners insurance will cover flood damage. It won’t. Others think that because their lender hasn’t required them to buy flood insurance, they’re not in a “flood zone“.

Every Property Can Sustain Flood Damage
Some properties are more flood-prone than others, of course. Ocean- or river-front property is more likely to flood than homes located on higher ground. The good news is that it’s relatively inexpensive to buy flood insurance if you live in a low risk area.

What is a Flood?
The word “flood” conjures up images of rising rivers and streams, or ocean storm surges. Those are floods of course, but so are: snowmelt runoff; dam breaches; heavy rains; and flash floods. All of those things can and do occur in Maine. Here’s a list of past flood disasters in Maine, which doesn’t include some notable recent events.

Remember the heavy rains of August, 2008 that flooded several southern Maine areas? Many property owners in the affected areas had never experienced flooding before.

Mandatory 30 Day Waiting Period
Let’s say you’ve heard weather forecasts of heavy runoff from snowmelt. Concerned about your property, you call to buy flood insurance to protect your home. The government knows that many people who would buy such coverage may be in imminent danger. That’s why they require a 30 day waiting period for coverage to take effect – unless you’re buying property and coverage is required by your lender.

That means now is the time to think about buying flood coverage – not when the river’s rising.

Flood insurance is only available through the National Flood Insurance Program, a government program managed by FEMA, and available through virtually any Maine insurance agencyContact Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance for a quote. For more myths and facts about flood insurance, download this brochure.