Easy Money

Everyone’s looking to tighten up their budget these days. Many people prefer to  spread the cost of their insurance throughout the year by paying in monthly installments. But insurance companies charge an “installment charge” to cover the expense of sending those monthly bills, and to replace investment income they forgo by not collecting your premium up-front. The average “installment charge” is $5.00 per bill. That means if you pay your Maine auto insurance in monthly installments, you’re paying $50.00 or $60.00 extra a year.

Quick and Painless Savings

Instead of having the insurance company send you a bill, sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – automatic monthly withdrawal of your premium payments from your checking account. Most companies waive the installment charges completely for EFT customers. That saves you an extra $60.00, plus the cost of stamps, checks, and the time it takes to pay the bill.

Clients of our Maine insurance agency who are snowbirds or travel frequently love EFT. They don’t have to worry about bills being forwarded, or accumulating unpaid while they’re away.

One added benefit of EFT: no more risking cancellation notices by forgetting to pay your bill. Because your payments are automatically withdrawn, they arrive on time every month, without any action on your part.

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