How to Get Golf Cart Insurance in Maine

Higher fuel prices continue to inspire Americans to find another way to get from here to there. An Associated Press report in last week’s Press Herald talks about the growing use of golf carts as alternative transportation. Increased golf cart use has led to a corresponding increase in emergency room visits -12,000 a year – as energy-sipping buggies brave public roads with their larger, faster cousins.

Several Maine jurisdictions, including Chebeague Island, have passed ordinances allowing use of golf carts on some public roads, subject to restrictions. Some of our clients who live in these communities have been required to provide evidence of liability insurance in order to use their golf carts on local roads.

If it’s licensed for use on public roads, Maine Law requires the owner of any vehicle subject to registration for use on public roads to purchase liability insurance. Just one problem: homeowners policies only cover golf carts being used on your land, or when you’re actually playing golf (on a golf course!); and you can’t add a golf cart to a standard auto policy. What’s a frugal consumer to do?

Some insurers have introduced special policies, similar to motorcycle policies, for Maine golf cart insurance. They provide the liability and uninsured motorist coverage that are required by Maine Law. There have been some reports of agents issuing insurance ID cards for carts without the proper coverage. Make sure that you have a policy specifically listing your golf cart, and specifying that it covers use on public roads. Otherwise, if you become one of the 12,000, you might find your trip to the ER is even more expensive than you thought.

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