Maine Home and Auto Insurance Rates – June 2024 Update

Maine home and auto insurance rates are rising faster than the national average in 2024. Although Maine rates are still among the lowest in the USA, Portland Maine area insurance buyers saw almost a 15% price increase in the first half of 2024. Industry experts expect this to continue through 2024, with some optimism that the increases will be less next year.

Portland Maine auto insurance rates jumped 13.0% on average in the 2nd quarter of 2024. The average annual auto insurance policy in Cumberland County now costs $1497 per year. Rates vary depending on the type and number of vehicles, drivers and other factors.

Maine home and auto insurance rates continue to jump in June 2024.

The good news is that the average Maine driver pays 44% less than the national average for auto insurance, according to the Value Penguin “State of Auto Insurance 2024” report.

Maine home insurance rates continue to increase even faster than auto insurance. The average home insurance premium was 13.7% higher than a year ago. The end is not in sight yet, as US home insurers report record losses from weather events.

Fortunately, historically high rebuilding costs have tempered somewhat. This allowed insurance companies to reduce their “inflation guard” factors. That reduces the percentage increase, which was about 4 percentage points lower than our last survey in December.

Maine home and auto insurance rates rose quickly in early 2024.

Publications ranging from Portland Press Herald to the New York Times to the Quoddy Tides have documented rising homeowners prices and reduced underwriting availability.

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