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Everyone wants to save money on insurance.  Here are some ideas to reduce your homeowners insurance premium.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, and you are not sure if your policy reflects these credits, or for more information about any of these
discounts, please submit this form or call us.

If you would like to update us on changes in your home, please complete our Online Update Form.

  • General Information

  • This is not only much more convenient (half the bills, half the checks to write), but it saves you twice - on your auto insurance as well as your home. Typical Savings: $30 per year on home, $70 per year on auto.
  • Although this idea is not for everyone, if you don't often have claims, and believe that you could afford to pay the first $500 of any property claim, you could save significantly. Typical Savings: $25-$40 per year.
  • Many companies offer discounts to non-smokers. Typical Savings: $15-$25 per year.
    Not every insurer offers a credit for every item listed. Credits vary by item and insurer.