Portland Maine Domestic Partner Insurance:

Homeowners and Car Insurance for Domestic Partners and LGBTQ Couples in the Portland Maine Area


Portland Maine households come in all shapes and sizes, especially since same-sex marriage became legal in December, 2012. Between the last 3 censuses, the portion of U.S. households consisting of married couples with children dropped from 40% to 24%. The percentage of families consisting of unmarried couples with children increased by over seven times in that same period, to almost 7 million households.

Portland Maine Domestic Partners: Common Insurance Questions

One thing that all households need is insurance. But insurance-buying can be tricky for non-traditional families. You may have these questions, or others:

  • Am I covered by my partner’s homeowners policy?
  • Whose name should be on our auto or homeowners policy?
  • Should each partner have our own liability and property insurance?
  • What happens if we split up?
  • What happens if one partner dies?

LGBTQ Household Insurance in Portland Maine

Same sex marriage was approved by Maine voters in November, 2012, and legalized in late December. Marriage matters in many ways, including your insurance. Read out blog post to see how marriage affects your Maine homeowners and auto insurance.

Some progressive insurers have responded to the needs of non-traditional families, with such products as Domestic Partner Endorsements, multi-car discounts and portfolio credits. If you have questions about domestic partner insurance, call a Noyes, Hall & Allen agent at 207-799-5541.

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