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Does a Maine College Student Need Their Own Insurance?

August 15th, 2013     Noyes Hall & Allen


If you’re preparing to send a student off to college, your household is buzzing with activity. If your student is a freshman, there’s the added anxiety (for parents AND students) of doing it for the first time.

Here are the most common questions clients of our Maine insurance agency ask us about insurance for college students:

Does homeowners insurance cover college students’ computers?

Generally, yes. If they’re living in a dorm or other college housing, your student is still considered part of your household. That means their belongings – everything from books to clothes, and jewelry to laptops is covered under your policy. Like the rest of your property, losses are subject to your Maine homeowners, renters or condo unit owners policy deductible.  Your student’s property is subject to the same coverage limitations on property such as jewelry and money.

If your student does not live in college housing, be sure to consult your agent. Coverage can vary greatly in these situations.

Does homeowners insurance cover a “semester abroad”?

If your student still meets the definition of being a member of your household, their belongings are covered to the same extent as the rest of your property anywhere in the world. If they cause property damage or bodily injury in another country, your homeowners policy will damages and defense costs against any suit that is brought in the U.S.  For broader protection, some personal umbrella policies will also defend against worldwide liability suits, regardless of in which country the suit is brought. This is another great reason to buy Maine personal umbrella insurance.

Remember, virtually all auto policies do NOT provide coverage outside of the US, its territories and Canada. If your student is driving in a foreign country, make other insurance arrangements there.

My child is not taking their car to school. Can I get a discount on my auto insurance?

You bet! There are a few restrictions: The school must be more than 100 miles away from your home, and the student should not have the car on campus. Also, don’t forget to ask your agent about the “good student discount” on auto insurance and other car insurance discounts.

Should I buy the medical insurance the college sells?

Our agency does not sell medical insurance, so we are not experts on this topic. We refer our clients to their medical insurance providers for answers to these questions. If your family has no insurance coverage, then it may be a good idea to purchase the plan that the college offers.

If you have questions about Maine auto insurance, personal umbrella insurance or homeowners insurance, contact Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance at 207-799-5541. As a locally owned Trusted Choice independent insurance agency, We represent many of Maine’s best insurance companies, so we can offer choice as well as professional advice. We’re independent and committed to you.



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