Business Property Insurance

You can protect the assets of your business, including your equipment, building, contents and even intangible property by having business property insurance. This insurance covers your property against loss by theft, fire, water damage or other accidents. Whether you own a retail business, manufacturing business or are a contractor, property insurance can make the difference between a loss that’s an inconvenience to your business and one that’s so large, your business cannot recover.

Small Business Property Insurance

Maine small business owners need protection as much as larger ones – maybe even more. They’re subject to the same fire, theft and other perils, and often have less of a cash reserve to be able to recover from a disaster.

Small business property insurance may be provided by a business owner’s policy, or a package policy. Each usually includes Business Liability Insurance, Crime Insurance, and mobile equipment insurance. These policies usually do not include Business Auto Insurance, Workers’ Comp Insurance or Business Umbrella Insurance.

If your business is a professional practice, your insurance program may include a Maine business owners policy or a business package policy, but you should also purchase a professional liability insurance policy for adequate protection.

Large Business Property Insurance

If you own a larger Maine business, or need commercial business insurance that covers your regional, national or international business operations, Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance can help. We represent insurers that can provide business insurance quotes and coverage for your property that travels out of state, or even international property.

If you need an experienced Maine business insurance agent, call Noyes, Hall & Allen at 207-799-5541 for a business insurance quote. At Noyes, Hall & Allen, we’re independent and committed to you.