Does Commercial Insurance Cover Sewer Flooding Damage?

One of the top ways to protect your business or company from a lack of coverage is to know the terms and limitations associated with the commercial policy that is in place. One hazard that you may not consider, but can be a threat year-round is a sewer back up. This type of threat can strike any business at any time. 

Protection From Sewer Back-ups 

The sewer system can back up for many reasons and can pose a real threat to any structure in the area. Most commercial insurance policies offer protection from broken pipes and sewer back-ups. Keep in mind, however, that the terms of each policy can vary, which is why you need professional assistance from a licensed agent when shopping for an insurance policy. If you are at a higher risk for a threat, you may need a more comprehensive policy to offer better protection. Discover your option when you make an appointment for a consultation. 

Know What Your Options Are

If you want to get the best coverage, you need to know what your options are and how much coverage you actually need. Guessing about insurance coverage can spell disaster. That is why business owners in and around the Portland ME area should consult with Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance so they know exactly where they stand and what type of policy works best for their situation. 

Don’t take chances with your coverage. Business owners in and around the Portland, ME areas should call or stop by Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance agency and speak with a knowledgeable representative today to gather more information and begin the process of getting high-level coverage.