Is Auto Insurance a Must in Maine?

A car is a very crucial mode of transportation in Portland, ME. Therefore, your preferred mode of transport requires formidable protection while cruising on various roadways. If you own an automobile in Portland, ME it’s vital to get proper car insurance from Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance to safeguard you and your car. Buying magnificent car insurance in Portland, ME will salvage your wallet by paying for damages out of pocket. Visit us today at Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance, and we can show you the auto coverage options available so that you can select one that is right for your needs, goals, and budget.

Is auto insurance a must in Maine? 

Auto insurance is legally required in Maine. Any car owner or operator must maintain the minimum amount of insurance, and proof of this insurance must be presented during your car registration. The minimum liability requirements include bodily injury and property damage.

The state-advocated auto insurance minimums may not be adequate to offer magnificent protection to you and your automobile. It’s thereby imperative to assess other available optional coverages. They include:

Collision coverage: It caters to repairing or replacing your car when it gets damaged due to a collision with another vehicle, post, guardrail or any other stationary object.

Comprehensive coverage: This non-collision coverage repairs or replaces your car when it gets physically damaged by events like fire, vandalism, and hailstorm.

Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage: It caters to medical costs if you are involved in a crash with another driver who is insufficiently covered or not insured and is legally deemed culpable.

Medical payments coverage: This policy caters to reasonable medical expenditure, like X-rays and medication after involvement in a car crash.

Auto insurance in Portland ME

Are you a car owner in Portland, ME searching for auto insurance to protect you and your car if unexpected events like an accident strike? Please call or visit us at Noyes Hall & Allen Insurance for detailed information about auto insurance coverage.